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Seems like it was just yesterday when we ran an article about 17-year-old Putnam City High School student Morgan Tepsic's plan to win over the hearts of Asia one stuffed animal at a time, but in reality, it was June 13, 2007.
How quickly they grow up! Today, he's moved from plush toys to naked boys. And that naked boy is himself.

See, Tepsic is seeking funding for a most unusual art project, titled "Naked Jumping Tour." It's just like it sounds: photos of him jumping around at all parts of the country, while wearing nary a stitch of clothing.

"I want to travel the world and get naked. I want to bridge the gap between art and exhibitionism," he said, on the Kickstarter website.

His bouncing birthday suit hobby came about after returning to Oklahoma City from travels in Asia.

"There isn't too much happening in Oklahoma, so I decided to add some life to it by getting naked and jumping," Tepsic said.

One can see an example of the young man's nude hopping in a most-assuredly-NSFW video at or at, where he has received $2,337 in pledges. So he's a little short. In his goal of raising $10,000, that is; we plead the Fifth in other areas.

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