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Treasures untold


Bad Granny's
By: Shannon Cornman

It was bright coral with black piping around the sleeves and collar.

Dislodging it from the bottom of the heap, I was euphoric to see that it was a floor-length skirt with a hidden front zipper: quirky and all mine.

I asked the man running the estate sale the price. He told me a dollar. I squealed with delight and told him I’d be wearing it as a dress.

He laughed at me and mumbled, “Yeah, right.”

Little did he know that I would transform my dollar dress into a belted, high-low skirt outfit, which would then be worn out for cocktails.

This is one of the many stories of finding clothing I adore, purchased secondhand. It’s fun to have a cool story to go along with something you wear.

Bigger than that, it benefits the environment to reduce your carbon footprint by reusing quality items.

My most treasured piece of clothing is a ’60s-era silk scarf I picked up from Bad Granny’s Bazaar (1759 N.W. 16th; 528-4585). Packed to the gills with amazingness. There is so much treasure to be discovered there, the only way to truly experience it is to spend a few hours exploring.

If you don’t get overwhelmed easily, consider Feathered Nest Market (6353 N. MacArthur; 470-8376). It’s a cavernous market divided into small areas that showcase products both vintage and handmade.

Channeling The Great Gatsby and need a fascinator and some gloves stat?

The troves at Feathered Nest are an excellent place to begin the search. You might even stumble upon a beaded flapper or clutch.

With time on your hands and creativity in your heart, go to Ancient of Days Antique Mall (2844 N.W. 10th; 942-2115) and Antique Co-op (1227 N. May; 942- 1214).

Ancient is full of haute vintage treasures, especially jewelry and retro dresses. The Co-op is stuffed with purses, handbags, furniture and more.

Got some great clothes in wonderful condition but need a wardrobe refresher? From 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Norman Clothes Swap will go down at Roosevelt Elementary School, 4250 W. Tecumseh in Norman. For $5, you can swap shirts, hats, accessories and more.

The aim of it is to raise awareness of local agencies that help women in need. All proceeds and any remaining clothing items will be donated to Women’s Resource Center of Norman.

Get creative with your wardrobe, and better yet, keep it green. Let’s shop, OKC!

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