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Trio of folksters share studio, stage and love of Americana



With decades of experience as songwriters and performers, as well as two previous albums that have topped the Americana music charts, Kevin Welch, Kieran Kane and Fats Kaplin have a seemingly casual approach when they record an album together.

"We pretty much sit down and go, 'Whattaya got?'" Welch said from his home in Nashville, Tenn. "And I'll say, 'Well, here's something I've got,' and I'll play it for 'em, and we just kind of swap around. We just get to where all we have to know is we've got a mess of songs."

The trio will be performing songs from that "mess" Saturday at The Blue Door in Oklahoma City.

In an age when musicians are known to spend months in a recording studio obsessively burnishing their recorded output, Welch, Kane and Kaplin spend surprisingly little time recording.

"We go in and there's very, very little pre-production. We start playing and looking for a groove, and once we find a groove on a song, we cut it," Welch said. "We usually don't take very many passes at a song. Generally, we're only in the record-making process for three days."

Welch said the trio sometimes has an improvisational approach in their playing together that is much like that of jazz musicians.

"It's no big deal for us to sit down, start playing, and we'll shift time signatures or something weird like that, and none of us have to think about it," Welch said. "We'll have these little (musical) conversations on stage, like what jazz players do." "C.G. Niebank

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