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Lost Ogle Trivia
Credit: Mark Hancock

Bar trivia has made a resurgence nationwide, and Oklahoma City is no exception.

Arguably the most popular in the metro is The Lost Ogle’s 8 p.m. Tuesday-night trivia, an offshoot of the local blog of the same name. With two hosts, the weekly event is in its third year at The 51st Street Speakeasy, 1114 N.W. 51st.

“[The Lost Ogle is] known for our snark and irreverent take on things, and trivia night’s an extension of that,” said Patrick Riley, the site’s publisher and self-proclaimed trivia nerd. “We come up with customized questions, and we tend to make them a little more current and pop-culture oriented. ... Sometimes we’re funny; sometimes we’re not. But at least we try. We always have a good time.”

Don’t feel left out, Normanites: The Lost Ogle also holds trivia at 8 p.m. Wednesdays at Local, 2262 W. Main.

In fact, Hump Day appears to be particularly trivial in Norman. Catering to a decidedly alternative crowd, the Opolis, 113 N. Crawford, also features trivia contests at 8 p.m. Wednesdays. Its hosts, University of Oklahoma students Chris Clinton and Blake Johnson, go out of their way to make the game a real audiovisual experience.

“A huge deal for us is that we write our own questions, none of which are used anywhere else,” Johnson said. “We also put on a bit of a production.”

Clinton said he thinks it helps that he and Johnson play regularly — and win — at other trivia nights just to mark their territory.

“Playing yourself helps you know what makes a good question and a good trivia round,” he said. “There’s a certain art to it.”

Searle and Lisa Foster are well-worn veterans. While they agree that
staying on top of current events is crucial, just as important is
picking the right team.

team members with different strengths,” Foster said. “We have two guys
who are trivia-heads and know a lot about everything. I don’t really
work very well that way, but I know a lot about discreet categories that
will come up. Between all of us working together, we tend to do pretty

The two agreed
bar trivia is more popular than ever because it fosters a sense of
community and, most importantly, an excuse to drink in the middle of the

“It’s really the most fun you can have on a Tuesday or Wednesday night,” said Foster.

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