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A woman sitting in a wheelchair wearing only a bra and panties in public is bound to attract attention, but add possible traces of nitrate, and you've got a combination that the eager hands of the Transportation Safety Administration are unable to resist.

Tammy Banovac, 52, showed up twice last week to Will Rogers World Airport clad only in her undergarments, following what she told The Oke was an unpleasant experience with grabby hands a few weeks prior.

Banovac was turned away the first day she tried to hop a flight to Phoenix after nitrates (chemicals found in fertilizer that can be used to make bombs explode or grass grow) were reportedly detected on her wheelchair. The next time, she was able to pass through security and catch her flight without incident.

The episode may have died there, had it not been for YouTube swooping in to save the day.

As Banovac sat nearly naked in the wheelchair, gently petting a small white lapdog, someone began filming her. To add to the surrealistic nature of the video, Banovac, who at the beginning of the video looks rather bored, at one point turns and sees she is being filmed. She then begins to look directly at the camera with a vacant stare, slightly tilting her head from side to side.

The story doesn't end there. Scouring through a voluminous library o' porn, the research team at The Lost Ogle found that Banovac had posed in a 1997 issue of Playboy featuring "dental girls." The intrepid researchers posted the pictures and an accompanying copyrighted story to their website.

This revelation was followed by an Oke report from further down the fun-house rabbit hole, stating that prior to the Playboy shoot, Banovac had gotten her dental license revoked after a child in her care who was getting dental work had died.

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