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Tulsa apartment complex hosts croc



After Memorial Creek Apartments residents in Tulsa reported spotting an alligator, the nearby pond was drained April 4 in hopes of finding " and, one would assume, capturing " the reptile, according to a report in The Oklahoman.

Steve Harris of the Tulsa animal shelter was quoted as speculating, "If there is an alligator in the pond, it's probably a Cayman alligator."

Not having read "Reptiles for Dummies," CFN had no idea what a Cayman alligator was. Harris said this means the reptile is small.

Oh, really? Are you sure about that? Because we at CFN recall being traumatized in our childhoods by the 1980 film "Alligator," in which a once-tiny snapper flushed down the toilet soon grew into a 36-foot, 2,000 pounder.

One day, you could hold it in the palm of your hand; the next day, it's eating kids as midnight snacks and crashing weddings!

Hey, we're just sayin' "¦

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