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Tulsa author faces alcohol-related charges for a third time this year



This is getting old. Proving everything really does come in threes, Tulsa author William Bernhardt was arrested for the third time this year in an alcohol-related incident.


You'll recall his arrests in February and March, the latter of which followed an intoxicated drive that took down one unfortunate mailbox (and almost a motorcyclist). At least this time, the best-selling novelist " most recently with "Strip Search," with "Capitol Conspiracy" to hit in two months " wasn't behind the wheel, but on his own two feet "¦ well, barely, as it sounds.


According to a report by The Oklahoman, Bernhardt was arrested Nov. 2 at Carnegie Elementary School. He had arrived that morning for a conference, but police were called after school officials "observed him to be unsteady on his feet and exhibiting other signs of intoxication."


CFN to Bernhardt: The only list people want to see you make regularly is The New York Times charts, not the arrest logs.

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