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Tulsa City Council aims to prohibit false statements



Members of the Tulsa City Council seem to believe they have come up with a way to avoid being embarrassed when the people who voted for them get up and scold them to their faces. According to a story in the Tulsa World, the City Council wants to prohibit citizens from knowingly making false statements at meetings. Sounds good.


"We, as councilors, rely on gathering information to make decisions, which affect all citizens," Councilman Bill Christiansen told the World. "The truth is vitally important."


Wow, didn't know that. Don't you just love it when elected officials provide such profound insight and wisdom?


It seems the council was not satisfied with an ordinance enacted in 1996 that prohibits citizens' intentional faux pas when " according to the story, not making this up " the council is serving in a "quasi-judicial role" during hearings. And, if you know what that means, some quantum physics scientists could probably use your help on a few problematic theories.


So what is the punishment for saying something that may be a lie during those periods? A $100 fine and 10 days in jail. Gee " and some officials get elected for telling lies.


City Council Chairman Roscoe Turner told the World there was nothing in particular that prompted him to ask for the change.


It's quite a far-fetched idea, forcing people to tell the truth. It is so much better when folks just make it up as they go. The statements are usually more interesting and everyone tries to figure out for themselves if the truth is being told. Isn't that more fun?

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