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Tulsa store experiences spider fright



The scariest thing to happen to bananas since Carmen Miranda occurred in Tulsa last week. According to a report by, a Brazilian Wandering Spider was found, well, wandering around the produce section of a Whole Foods Market.

And he wasn't shopping for organic grub, either. The arachnid made its way to the grocery store via a bunch of bananas from Honduras. An employee spotted the eight-legged freak in the produce section, and a University of Tulsa biologist who now has it in his possession said it's amazing the worker wasn't killed.

See, black widows and brown recluses have nothing on this Brazilian baby. According to the report, its bite is the deadliest of all spiders in the world. 

"Within minutes, you will have breathing problems," said Terry Childs, director of TU's animal facilities. "You'll start to lose control of your muscles, you'll start to drool, and within 20 to 25 minutes, you'll probably collapse on the floor and die of asphyxiation."

But according to an Associated Press report, Tulsa Zoo herpetology curator Barry Downer disagrees, thinking the spider to be of the huntsman variety, and thus, harmless to humans.

Either way, CFN would rather run the risk of being hit on the head by falling prices at a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, thank you very much.

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