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Tulsa's alleged killer spider disappears



From one silent killer to another. Loyal CFN readers will remember that last week we brought you the story of the spider found shopping for organic produce at a Tulsa Whole Foods Market.

Tulsa University's Terry Childs, director of animal facilities, took the spider into custody and announced it a Brazilian Wandering Spider, a merciless killing machine that can cut down humans with just a look (actually, a vicious bite). The murder plot thickened when Barry Downer, Tulsa Zoo's herpetology curator, said it was actually a Huntsman spider (an NRA member?), which loves to hunt, but doesn't go for the human variety.

Downer never had the chance to confirm his suspicion, however, because Childs destroyed the thing. According to an article in the World, Childs froze the eight-legged monstrosity at minus-80 degrees Fahrenheit and somehow made the body disappear.

"There are no pieces of it left. It was completely destroyed," said TU spokesman David Hamby, sounding redundant.

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