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Tulsa's Harmonious Monk specializes in jazz, optimism



Tulsa-based jazz band Harmonious Monk is spreading the good vibes of God, Miles Davis and the hippie nature of wonderment.
"When we play, what is most important is that we are brothers sharing time and thoughts," explained drummer Andrew Owen Bones. "Jazz might crawl up inside itself like a Gollum to speak about nothing but how precious it is, but it won't die. There is so much to get out of jazz, even today."
Harmonious Monk (not to be confused with Melodious Thunk, a Norman-based jazz outfit of days gone by) has a rep for being friendly.
"First and foremost, when you play music, you have got to be great friends," Bones said. "Because without friendship, you have got nothing. So we're fine friends. We hope to tour hard this summer. We hope to be innovative every day. We want to be present. We want to change the world."
The band's self-titled CD is a fantastic marriage of modern lounge and bop.
"We have so many musical heroes: Mingus, Monk, Bird, Miles Davis, of course," Bones said. "Music is music. In the end, it's all about God. "¦ So if we thank God first, we can't have forgotten to send thanks to someone that deserved it." "H. Barry Zimmerman

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