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TV on the Radio-Return to Cookie Mountain




 One of the things musicians TV on the Radio do so well on "Return to Cookie Mountain" that they failed to do on "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes," is find a perfect way to present the band's shambolic mix of poetry, New Wave, electro sampling and guitar by simply not caring. Each track is a single and zeroes in on an experiment. 

The harmonies on "Tonight" are imperfect and the only music they have to accompany them is the distortion squall in a distant space and metallic percussion.  Wind chimes are twinkled into the monitor on "A Method" against a thick bass and group whistling, which evokes a frightening vision of dawn. The wretched vocal plea of "Dirtywhirl" finds salvation in ethereal keys, while the surprisingly straightforward "Playhouses" is a catchy Bo Diddley-esque freak-jam.

Finally, the most forward-thinking act in alternative music has released a disc that will spin its way into the realm of year-end lists.
- Danny Marroquin

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