“If you have the right kind of online presence, it can greatly improve your chances of getting hired,” said business author Maribeth Kuzmeski, “but one wrong move — a photo of you while intoxicated or an ill-advised tweet about a difficult professor — and employers might shun you.”

Kuzmeski suggests these tips in using social media to make a splash in the job market:

—Mine your social networking connections.
—Put your best Face(book) forward.
—Monitor your online reputation.
—Clean up your online presence or be ready to explain it.
—Use proactive posting to stand out online (in a good way).
—Build your online résumé using LinkedIn.
—Check out your interviewer.
—Make an impact by using video.
—Don’t be overly friendly.
— no LOLs and TTYLs allowed.
—Remember, you have to give to get.

—Gazette staff

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