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Twin Peaks: The Second Season




Almost six years after the first season came out on shiny platters, the second/last season of David Lynch's revolutionary television series "Twin Peaks" finally hits DVD. The half-decade wait was worth it "? not just because Paramount has done a fine job in the audio/video department, but because the late, lamented show is a classic of the small screen.


Now at long last, you can forever ditch your VHS tapes.


Audiences complained the show sucked once the core mystery of Laura Palmer's murder was solved, but true fans know that's baloney, as getting that distraction out of the way allowed the series to get even weirder, if such a thing were possible: messages from outer space, demon possession, David Duchovny in drag.


It would all be nonsense if not for the grounding ace performance of Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Agent Dale Cooper.


Whether you're watching for the first time or the fifth, the six-disc season two still proves intriguing. And with interviews and intros from the Log Lady, there's plenty to keep you busy. "?Rod Lott

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