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Two artists explore diverse takes on local Oklahoma landscapes, landmarks



t know of an obscure incident, rather than paint a painting of Barack Obama," he said. "Or, say you could paint a picture of the astronaut who had to pee their pants in the car. Like, if I made a painting of her, somebody's going to recognize her and say, 'I don't believe somebody painted her.'"

Unlike many pop artists, Erdman isn't attempting to make a point or illustrate social or political satire in his work.

"I just kind of go with a fleeting thought that I have," he said. "It's very rare that I'm trying to make a point or pass a message along. It's not to make people think the way I think or make them choose something because I'm influencing them to do so."

Dodd's paintings also incorporate uniquely local scenes, but in quite a different sense. The Enid native's collection of oil paintings of vast Oklahoma and Kansas landscapes are based on his own photographs taken as he traveled from Northwest Oklahoma to Southwest Kansas. 

"I just love the area. It's beautiful out here," Dodd said. "I travel twice a week. I see a lot of that area, everywhere from before the light comes up, and I always see the sunrise and the sunset. If I paint a certain area, you can recognize it if you've ever been there."

The figure and landscape painter works in a hyper-realistic way to depict reality in its true form, said Christian Pitt, managing director of the gallery.

"It almost looks as if you are actually looking at the landscape itself in real life," Pitt said. "They all have a nice solitary quality to them."

As part of the exhibit, Dodd will unveil three paintings set for installation in Norman Regional Hospital. Several of his other paintings are currently on display in the state Capitol.

"Jeff Dodd is an Oklahoma treasure," Pitt said.

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