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Two painters showcased at JRB Art



Paintings featuring fanciful subjects in three dimensions will be juxtaposed with works of symbolism through shape and color by artists Louise Jones and James Smith at JRB Art at The Elms.

The exhibit kicks off with an artists' reception from 6-10 p.m. Friday. Both the artists' work will be on display until June 30.

"It is art that is very interesting, but is also attractive," said Joy Reed Belt, director and owner of JRB Art at The Elms. "I think the surreal aspect of Louise's work will be intense against James' abstract art. Both artists use color extremely well."

Smith, a former Oklahoman, will show paintings that explore the power of symbolism through shape and color. He said the paintings encourage individual interpretation.

"I have emphasized the communicative power of symbol by tightening the interplay of the symbolic circular shape and the quality of the color red," Smith said. "These paintings strive to speak to the viewer."

In contrast to bold colors and defined shapes, Jones' paintings feature whimsical subject matter amid the illusion of 3-D spaces. Her work will focus on light and shadow, and their effects.

Jones worked as a professional artist for 14 years in Oklahoma and completed eight murals for the University of Oklahoma between 1995 and 1999. She is currently a professor of painting and printmaking at OU.

JRB Art at The Elms is located at 2810 N. Walker. For more information, call 528-6336. "?Lauren Hopkins



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