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Two rarely-used art processes create a unique visual art show



"Write Me an Art Show"
Istvan Gallery, 1218 N. Western
through Oct. 31.
1:30-5 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, 1-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, by appointment

If a picture's worth a thousand words, Istvan Gallery's newest exhibit is like a hefty novel.

"Write Me an Art Show" "? on display now at the gallery, 1218 N. Western "? showcases photography and artwork inspired by the written word from two featured artists.

For her portion of the exhibit, Lori Oden sent notes to people across the state, asking them to write her a short letter on a postcard. She used those letters as inspiration for her photography. Oden specializes in a 19th-century photographic process and black-and-white photography, a niche that gives her work a character that digital photography lacks, said gallery owner Stephen Kovash.

"You just don't see that in digital photography," he said. "You don't get that warmth and depth and personality in digital."

Accompanying her work are Kate Rivers' monotype pieces, which utilize an old form of screen printing. The process, now rarely utilized, makes her works all the more unique.

"Each piece is a one-off original piece that can't be re-created," Kovash said, noting both artists' work forms an experience with immense depth, giving viewers a unique chance to see processes and products. "It's just a beautiful, beautiful, well-thought-out, important exhibit."

The exhibit runs through Oct. 31. Istvan Gallery is open to the public 1:30-5 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, and 1-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and by appointment.

For more information, call 831-2874 or visit "?Nicole Hill

photo Lori Oden's photos comprise half of the "Write Me an Art Show" exhibit.


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