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“We didn’t know if, when we broke up, these songs would ever get released,” said Colin Bray, guitarist for the band. “I’m really glad they did. I think they’re some of the best songs we’ve written.”

The disc was recorded pre-breakup in the band members’ houses, and the cover was conceived by them and local artist Zac Cox.

“It was all an inside job,” said Bray. The target release date is May, although bassist Kyle Mayfield said it’s still uncertain. The group will release “Shucks” through iTunes, without a label. Their former label, Touch and Go/Quarterstick Records, has gone through its own sort of breakup, staying alive only as a catalog house and not releasing new music.

And after this, The Uglysuit won’t release any more music, either. “This is the final farewell for The Uglysuit,” said Mayfield. And, one more time, to quench all rumors: “We are not getting back together, but this is a release, our last brainchild,” Bray said.

But it’s not the last hurrah for all the guys. Five of the six members are working together on a new project, to be unveiled “before too long,” according to Bray. —Stephen Carradini

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