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UK band staying in OKC garage during tour



London's The Veils is calling Oklahoma City a temporary home because Chris Salyer, proprietor of CD Warehouse, provided the members with a headquarters for the remainder of their U.S. tour.

"It is where he keeps his cars," vocalist Finn Andrews said of their temporary residence. "It's a garage."

"It's more than a garage," bass player Sophia Burn corrected. "It's more like a museum."

The Veils also are using the space to rehearse, write, play video games and cavort with locals as they prepare to return to London to record.

Andrews said being able to settle in at their new digs in a foreign land is a beneficial break from the stifling congestion of the UK.

"In London, you're packed in like rats. All artists are clamoring for space, especially musicians who have lots of equipment and play with the volume really high," he said. "The situation we have in Oklahoma is completely unattainable in London without millions of dollars."

Added drummer Henning Dietz, "We're living in this space together, everything is set up, so whenever we feel like playing, we play. We play until four in the morning most nights. It's perfect for us."

Guitarist Dan Raishbrook said they are making the most of their extended stay in Oklahoma.

"We drink the 3.2 " drink a lot of it and never get drunk," Raishbrook said. "Chris (Salyer) has got Segways, which we ride to the gas station and the grocery store."

"They are a lot of fun," Burn added. "You look like a dick, but Segways are a lot of fun." "Charles Martin

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