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New-Age Ethics: Texas A&M's business school punished 24 students in May for cheating on a business ethics exam (and investigated 27 others, but could not meet the school's legal standard of "irrefutable" proof against them). The offense was that some students took exams for others.

During the spring term at New Jersey's Kean University, former governor James McGreevey taught a course in "ethics, law and leadership," with the "ethics" part raising eyebrows, in that in 2004, he had hired an alleged potential lover, with almost no security experience, to be his homeland security adviser. (Said a political opponent, "Jim McGreevey teaching law and ethics is ... like Dr. Kevorkian teaching health maintenance.")

Community activist Therese Mallik testified against a crematorium's expansion plans in 2005 in Cessnock, Australia, reportedly saying that the building was already a disaster for the neighborhood and that she had seen a "ghostlike figure" above it at one point. After the Cessnock Independent newspaper reported her remarks, she sued the publisher for defamation, claiming that her statements, when published, made her appear "demented" or "irrational." (In June 2007, a jury ruled against her.)

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