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Credit: Brad Gregg

But guilty of the tragedy in Newtown, Conn.? Say it ain’t so!

for Underwood (and for the principle of common decency), a leader of
the Westboro Baptist Church named Margie Phelps did say it. Referencing Underwood’s recent vocal problems, Phelps took to Twitter to write (using both opposable
thumbs, one assumes), “@carrieunderwood is too sick to sing? Should be
ashamed, pushing fag marriage. #SandyHook #BloodOnHerHands
#NoFagMarriage #FauxChristian” Westboro, lest you need or want a
reminder, is the ever-controversial “Christian church” based in Topeka,
Kan., known for its hatred of gays and picketing of soldiers’ funerals,
to name just a few shenanigans.

Phelps’ tweet prompted the online ENDABlog 2.0 to crack that she makes Mike Huckabee seem sane by comparison. Hell, what’s not sane by comparison?

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