Reviewer's grade: D+


Well, here's another collection of tired poop, pee and vomit jokes. That's right: a children's movie. Jason Lee provides the voice of Shoeshine, a seemingly normal beagle in the home of Dan and Jack Unger, a father and son who are drifting apart due to the death of the wife/mother.


Ah, but when anyone calls for help, Shoeshine rushes into a phone booth to don a sweater and emerge as villainy's scourge, Underdog.


Based on a moderately amusing TV cartoon, this almost-moderately amusing new movie from Disney is a crash-and-burn job after the clever "Sky High" of two years ago. Peter Dinklage, as mad scientist Simon Barsinister, is more camp than a field full of tents, but he's all alone out there with a cast that is cruising in low gear. Up, up and awa "? oh, to hell with it. Let's go get a pizza and play some video games. It's cheaper. PG


"?Doug Bentin 


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