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Underpaid, now with proof!



A state-commissioned study conducted by consulting firms Kenning Consulting and Hay Group — which cost $200,000 and was overseen by a bevy of Oklahoma officials — has found that Oklahomans working for the state are underpaid compared to workers in other states and their peers working for private companies. Yes, it cost them $200,000 to figure that out.

This time, officials seems to be on the side of the workers.

“Gov. Fallin is serious about working with legislators to address the findings of this study, particularly the imbalance between employee pay and benefits,” Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz said. “She also hopes to act in the next legislative session to provide a pay increase to state employees who are being paid the furthest below market value.”

Recommendations included appropriating $41 million to fund pay hikes in 2014 and changes to benefit packages, among others.

So, congratulations, state workers!

You actually might be able to pay your energy bills and buy groceries as well as enjoy your nice benefit packages sometime soon.

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