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Unintelligent Design



In her letter, Judy Wesselhoft ("Kids deserve better," Dec. 16, 2009, Gazette) claims there is no evidence for evolution, which is completely false. She cites anecdotal evidence of "a number of renowned scientists that have publicly expressed doubt "¦" Evolution is widely accepted in the scientific community as fact. There are heaps of evidence in the fossil record, not to mention the geographic distributions.

She cites Dr. David Berlinski of the Discovery Institute. Berlinski's doctorate is in philosophy, making him singularly unqualified to comment on scientific endeavors in the first place. The Discovery Institute is also the bed of intelligent design arguments and has been the subject of a federal court ruling about creating controversy where none existed. They are also strict proponents of the wedge strategy.

I understand that this is an opinion page but there are glaring omissions of fact and evidence indicating a complete lack of understanding of the subject matter that I would hope would be required to submit an opinion. It would be like me commenting on car repair or stock performance. I do not have the expertise to say anything about those subjects and as a result I wouldn't.

Why then would you publish pieces where persons of no particular relevant background can submit to the public to read? People read trash like this and assume it to be true. This is why the written word is so powerful and should be appropriately reviewed before distribution.
"Eric Goodyear

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