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United 93





A testament to the bruising power of cinema, "United 93" takes viewers back to the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, and its storm of terror, confusion and panic that ensued. Writer"?director Paul Greengrass has created a work as brilliant as it is visceral "? and one that the faint"?of"?heart might want to bypass.
Boasting edgy handheld camerawork and a cast of unknowns and nonprofessional actors (a number of air traffic controllers and others involved in the tragedy of 9/11 essentially play themselves), "United 93" scratches open the psychological wounds of that day.
Specifically, Greengrass takes us aboard the ill"?fated flight in which passengers overpowered four al-Qaida hijackers, thereby sacrificing their lives to prevent even greater casualties. It is an unforgettable "? and important "? movie. The DVD includes a so"?so commentary by Greengrass and interviews with relatives of the United 93 passengers.     

-Phil Bacharach


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