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University of Oklahoma football fan allegedly gets physical with Texas aficionado



A University of Oklahoma fan allegedly assaulted a Texas Longhorns fan by tearing his scrotum in a local bar, according to a recent story.


Allen Michael Beckett, 53, faces an aggravated assault and battery charge after the incident, which court docs indicate occurred in June at the Henry Hudsons Pub at 3509 N.W. 58th, according to The Oklahoman.


Per the story, longtime Longhorns fan Brian Thomas walked into the bar with a friend, but was assailed by verbal abuse from Beckett, whom Thomas alleged called him "everything under the sun" for his choice in attire: a Longhorns T-shirt.


Thomas said he and a buddy sat in the corner for about 20 minutes and tried to ignore the man, who screamed at him the whole time, according to the story.


Finally, Thomas told police he advanced to what would be the line of scrimmage " the bar " to pay his tab, the story reported.


Upon turning around from the bar, Thomas said Beckett grabbed his 'nads in what CFN guesses would be called an illegal hold, according to the Oke.


In an attempt to prevent his balls from being intercepted, Thomas reportedly smacked Beckett several times, but " and here it becomes hard to believe, regarding OU " Beckett didn't fumble, the story stated. According to the Oke, Beckett just didn't let go of Thomas' goodies.


Then, the story reported, Thomas heard his scrotum tear (and what does that sound like?) and felt blood run down his leg. By this time, bystanders intervened, and at some point, Thomas finally was sidelined, according to the Oke.


Thomas said closing the wound required more than 60 stitches, and that the injury still hurts. The Texas fan also said he's fallen behind in child-support payments because the injury made him unable to work, according to the story.


In a follow-up story, Beckett's attorney said his client wasn't engaged in illegal holding but was concentrating on defense "¦ self-defense, that is.


The attorney, Billy Bock, said, "Mr. Beckett felt he had no choice but to defend himself. He took control of the situation."


According to the story, Beckett could face up to five years in prison if convicted. He posted a $4,000 bond and is free until a court date of Oct. 4, according to the follow-up.


Bucky, our intern at CFN, understands the importance of the Red River Rivalry, but he thinks drawing first blood is highly inappropriate " especially if it involves the nether region.


Sometimes, the hatred of Texas can go too far. CFN remembers when Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill once allowed a bull to be castrated to motivate his football team against the Longhorns, calling it an educational experience. Sherrill later apologized for the incident.

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