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University of Oklahoma releases iPhone application



Proving Apple's iPhone ad claim of "There's an app for that" true, the University of Oklahoma has released its own official application for the ever-popular mobile device.

According to the Tulsa World, the app " dubbed "OU2GO" " allows users to view a campus map, read university news, view its YouTube channel, listen to the college's fight songs, and see current weather conditions. It's already available for free download at Apple's iTunes Store.

As of this writing, the app had 10 customer reviews. All but one awarded it five stars. (And three used the phrase "Boomer Sooner" in their review, with two of them placing it in all caps.)

Chicken-Fried News intern Bucky said he mostly uses his iPhone to play fart noises in public, but admitted to downloading the app for when he wakes up naked and disoriented on campus after his heaviest nights of drinking. While the student-created program looks impressive, we'll await the 2.0 version, which hopefully will contain more helpful features, such as a zoomable photos of sorority girls in bikinis and a real-time crime tracker of Sooner football players.

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