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University of Oklahoma students rank in hot college women list



Hey, if Oklahoma can no longer be No. 1 in college football, it just makes sense we can't be No. 1 in hot college women, either.


And according to the celebrity Web site, we aren't.


In "honor" of the NCAA basketball tournament, Pop Crunch decided to rank the top 50 universities strictly by how attractive their coeds appear. The University of Oklahoma comes in way down at No. 36, illustrated with an overhead photograph of two blond-streaked women in cutoff shorts and cleavage-baring OU half-tees.


"Oklahoma girls clearly know how to dress for a football game. Major points for that," wrote Pop Crunch.


Arch rival Texas sits pretty " so to speak " way up at No. 12, thanks to a photo captioned: "One word: chaps."


At the top of the list is Arizona State University. Whither those Oklahoma State University Pokes? Nowhere.

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