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We all know that college is a place where experimentation, spontaneity and open-mindedness grow aplenty. But even some things seem a bit too childish and zany for a college campus.

The University of Oklahoma student newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily, reports during this week, a wild, unofficial game of Humans vs. Zombies will break out. As described on its Facebook page, the game is essentially the biggest sport of tag ever seen.

This is how it is described: "There will be one original zombie who will tag humans. Once tagged, humans become zombies after an hour, and then they need to tag humans, the (Facebook) page states. If a zombie doesn't tag a human for 48 hours, it dies."

This will be going on all week at OU. Hey, parents, proud of that? Father says to son, "What are you learning in college, son?" Son replies, "That the men's bathroom in Dale Hall is the best place to hide from zombies."

Organizers of the event say it is not intended to disrupt classes. The game will only be played outside. Sounds like something fifth-graders do.

Then there was this line in the story from an organizer that just made left field look like home base: "We are only doing socks. No Nerf guns. Next time we can talk to the administration about Nerf guns, but we didn't want to risk it this time."

There was no explanation in the story about what the hell that meant. Assuming it means humans will be tagged by somebody's smelly sock, the game becomes slightly less appealing.

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