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Unnecessary freshness, indeed



“Unnecessary Freshness” — the latest campaign in a long line of bizarrely comical television ads for the men’s grooming product line — involves Denver Broncos wideout and Oklahoma City native Wes Welker, who apparently has no issue channeling his inner weird.

first — titled “Snow Globe” — finds Welker in the Broncos locker room,
taking a whiff of some antiperspirant (and probably enjoying it too
much). Welker then is enraptured by snowflakes, only to discover that
those aren’t real snowflakes and he is actually (spoiler alert!) trapped
inside a dollar-store snow globe.

is featured in two other ads: “Lizards,” in which giant lizards devour
Welker’s legs, and “Absent,” in which Welker misses the second half of a
game because he took a 40-minute shower. Oops. Spoiler alert.

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