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Unsigned metal band Novella writes own ticket across country



In the downtime between national tours with his metal band, singer Tyler Konersman can be found delivering pizzas in St. Louis.

The other members of the ferocious Missouri five-piece each do what they can to pad their bank accounts before climbing back in the van for weeks of shows at clubs in Kansas, New Mexico, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

"For a completely unsigned act, that's just the way it goes," Konersman, 20, said on the phone while making a delivery. "Any money (the band) makes gets cycled back in to pay for recording and touring, and we all have to get odd jobs to take care of ourselves."

Although unsigned and otherwise financially unaided, Novella has come a long way on its own and boasts a calendar full of dates at clubs throughout the country.

Working the phones and MySpace, Konersman managed to snag a spot for Novella on the venerated Warped Tour in 2005, which brought the band's sound to ears well beyond the St. Louis punk/metal scene.

For a 7 p.m. show Friday at The Factory, 1304 Linwood, Novella will join:
" Challenger, Conquerer;
" The Cheribum Seat; and
" Well Beneath.

Being in an unsigned yet full-time touring band is easier when you get to play with "your best friends," Konersman said, adding that they are committed to making something of themselves and their music.

"You got to get your name out there," he said. "And we're very happy to be doing it." "Joe Wertz

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