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Upset over flag decision, Edmond restaurant owner refuses service to three



Hell hath no fury like an Italian scorned. As previously reported in CFN, pizzeria proprietor Danny Falcone initially told Edmond residents to fuggedaboutit when a site plan allowing an Italian flag awning was turned down last October by the city's Planning Commission.


In order to use the same awning style with the green, white and red color scheme, Falcone reportedly needed to amend the site plan at the Edmond eatery.


Hold the pepperoni: Before you could say arrivederci, Falcone opened the Edmond restaurant last month after a few trials and tribulations over the decor, according to The Associated Press. Falcone's Pizzeria & Deli serves Old World specialties in an atmosphere that includes "Godfather" movie memorabilia at three metro locations.


To paraphrase Don Vito Corleone, Falcone wondered what he had done to be treated so disrespectfully. That's why he erected a sign stating that Ingrid Young and Suzy Thrash of the Edmond Planning Commission and Lydia Lee of the Edmond Neighborhood Alliance aren't welcome to put some bada bing on that thing at the newest Falcone's at 180 W. 15th, where the colors of Italia wrap the window bottoms.


What's-a matter you?


"These colors are my heritage," Falcone said, according to AP. "Unlike some restaurants, I have an authentic Italian restaurant being run by an Italian. So I don't know if they're prejudiced or ignorant or what, but they aren't welcome here.


"I don't see them telling McDonald's, 'You can come here but don't bring your golden arches,' or KFC, don't put up the colonel's face."


Lee, who expressed her opposition at an Edmond meeting, told KSBI-TV Channel 52 that she's entitled to her opinion.


"It certainly was not personal; he is the one that made it personal," Lee said.

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