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U.S. at a crossroads



It seems that the United States is at a crossroads of history.

Spineless men and women prefer "O'ma ma" care these days, as they can't, or won't, stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for themselves.

Instead, they want to hide under "O'ma ma's" skirts. They prefer "womb to tomb" care, but will have to settle for "cradle to grave" care instead, as the womb is no longer safe due to abortion proponents. They prefer to give up their personal freedoms for the so-called security of the nanny state, regardless of the crushing debt they are imposing on their children and grandchildren.

And, of course, when they discover that a government-controlled health care plan will dictate who will provide care, when and where they can get health services " not to mention that they can, and will, be denied health care when some bureaucrat deems it not to be cost-effective in their case " it will be too late to go back to what was the best health care system in the world.

What ever happened to the American spirit of "Can do, will do"?

"R.M. McVay

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