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Use your noggin’



Liquor stores offer premixed eggnog cocktails, such as the classic Pennsylvania Dutch, Evan Williams or Old New England, which now has a chocolate eggnog. The mixes hover around 30-proof, which is pretty standard for a cocktail. Those looking for something a little more interesting can try rompope.

“It’s a Mexican version of eggnog,” said J.B. Jarboe, a liquor distributor from Jarboe Sales.

“Rompope is designed to have a longer shelf life and is not supposed to be refrigerated. It is very similar to eggnog, though it might have more of an egg taste.”

right, Christopher Angel

Bartenders at the Lobby Bar, 4322 N. Western, get creative with their own homemade eggnog for their winter-cocktail menu.

“Depending on what you’re doing, it can be difficult,” said bartender Christopher Angel. “The acidity of whatever you are using can change the texture of the cream.”

Angel suggested reaching for something “deep, dark and tasty,” like a whiskey, brandy or rum.

“Keep it simple,” he said. “As long as you’re working with great ingredients, you can come up with a great cocktail.”

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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