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V for Vendetta: Special Edition





Perhaps my biggest complaint about the Wachowski brothers-scripted "V for Vendetta" is that it reduces the ideas of rebellion and terrorism to prosaic speeches, delivered just before punching the detonator; passionate concepts about change are espoused but they're empty theatrics "? you're not incited to do much beyond crunch some more popcorn. It's revolution via osmosis. So it goes with "V for Vendetta" "? there's much to admire, but little to sink your teeth into.

Revisiting the film on DVD doesn't inspire a heretofore unfelt appreciation, but rather allows the seams to show themselves more fully; the action still thrills and the speeches still bore, but it makes a nice flick to throw on and show off the home theater. A handful of interesting featurettes round out the second disc and somewhere down the road, there's bound to be the inevitable double dip. For now, a rental should satisfy the curious.

-Preston Jones


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