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Valentine’s for all



We’re not all into heart-shaped necklaces and big white teddy bears. No matter what kind of love you’ve got, we’ve got some suggestions.

Hopeless Romantic
Isn’t love the most beautiful thing on this wonderful planet? You can’t help it — puppies and babies make you squeal. Your favorite movie stars are Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for it (much).Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a big deal. So here’s a V-Day classic just
for you.

GIVE: Jewelry — it’s gotta be jewelry. The smarter among you will head to the metro’s bling bodegas (like B.C. Clark pictured or Naifeh Fine Jewelry) for the perfect gift for men or women.
EAT: The Skirvin is practically listed in the dictionary under “romance,” so make reservations for two at Park Avenue Grill, 1 Park Ave.
TREAT: Pinkitzel, 150 S. E.K. Gaylord, will make couples go “awww” as they share a cupcake (go ahead and feed each other, we won’t look) inside this adorable shop.
SHARE: End the night with a horse-drawn carriage ride through Bricktown.

Not so sweet
Kay Jewelers commercials do nothing for you. It’s OK, we’re not all meant to be doe-eyed romantics. Still, you don’t want to completely ignore this day of love. Instead, celebrate it in a way as unique as you and your mate.

GIVE: So, your lady (or lad) may scoff at roses (how passé), but they won’t say no to the unique designs and absolutely gorg vases at A Date with Iris, 4201 N. Western pictured.
EAT: Head to Cafe 501, 5825 N.W. Grand, for a lovely dinner in a cool setting. Splurge on a bottle of wine and dessert. (Our recommendation? The warm apple pie.)
TREAT: The couple that paints together … uh, becomes saints together? We’ll work on that. Anyway, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch, holds its winter landscape watercolor class this Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m.
SHARE: Stick around the museum to take in its newest exhibit, “George Nelson: Architect, Writer, Designer, Teacher.”

Couple of buddies
You two don’t call each other lovers. You hang out. You have fun with friends. OK, yeah, you love each other and everything, but why get sappy about it?

GIVE: You are co-parents to a dog, right? Of course you are. So he knows you love him, buy the little guy a present at Paws Around Town, 12100 N. May. And we don’t know anyone who’d say “no” to candy hearts, either.
EAT: Who doesn’t love a good burger and beer from McNellie’s, 1100 Classen?
TREAT: Head for dessert across the road at Kaiser’s American Bistro, 1039 N. Walker, pictured where you two can get giggly over a shared vanilla milkshake, complete with two straws and a cherry on top.
SHARE: The OKC Thunder plays a home game against Sacramento on Feb. 15 (yeah, we know that’s the day after V-Day, but who really cares). Wear matching Thunder jerseys and try to get on the Kiss Cam.

Let’s face it: Going out of your house on Valentine’s Day as a singleton — even a happily single singleton — can be groan-worthy. All those schmaltzy couples making moony eyes at each other over the calamari appetizer? Gross. Don’t worry, it even makes some of us partnered people squeamish.

GIVE: Give yourself the gift of a balanced checkbook. Use the alone time to pay some bills and know you’re financially stable and secure.
EAT: Go to Prohibition Room, 1112 N.W. 23rd, with friends. Order something manly and strong, like whiskey on the rocks. Laugh at the poor girl who has to carry around a bouquet of carnations — scientifically found to be the worst flower in the universe — given to her by a clueless date.
TREAT: Watch “Fatal Attraction” and yell along with Glenn Close to the line “I won’t be ignored, Dan!”
SHARE: Have friends over to play games. We recommend Trivial Pursuit. We don’t recommend Old Maid. —Jenny Coon Peterson

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