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Vick not Durant's pick



KD communicated how he rated the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback via the wonderful World Wide Web. Starting on Aug.
24, Durantula tweeted that Vick didn’t count among the top 5 National
Football League QBs, which he listed as New England Patriot Tom Brady,
Indianapolis Colt Peyton Manning, San Diego Charger Philip Rivers, Green
Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers and New Orleans Saint Drew Brees — in no
particular order.

And what did OKC’s No. 35 have to say about Vick?

is a better scrambler and had a good comeback story but Real QB wise,
he’s not better then those dudes.. hows he better?” —“Vick ain’t a
better QB den rivers u high...he’s a better athlete tho.”

—“Vick not better than big ben (Roethlisberger).”

—“Derek Anderson was in the pro pro bowls don’t mean anything about how good of a qb you are.”

—“I say Vick number 8.” Following Durant’s Twitter-iffic ranking of Vick, KD cleared he air on his Facebook wall.

“I love Vick and Cam (Newton) and cheer for them, but I gotta be honest about the best at this moment,” Durant wrote.

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