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Hmmm "¦ we need milk, some cheese, and " oh, yes " an upskirt shot of that shopper over there. We're guessing those were the contents of a certain shopping list last Tuesday.

Luis Sosa, 29, was arrested at a Walmart near Memorial Road and Pennsylvania Avenue around 8 p.m. for allegedly using his cell phone to take upskirt snaps of fellow shoppers, according to The Oklahoman. A customer witnessed the Bethany man's alleged operation and reported him to store managers, who called the fuzz.

The manager said Sosa would swoop in " was he acting like he, too, was oh-so interested in those Wheat Thins on sale on Aisle 9? " and allegedly slide his phone under the skirt to take a pic.

He reportedly was so busy watching a video he'd just shot that he didn't notice the officer coming for him.

"As the officer approached him from behind, he actually was the suspect watching a video on a cell phone " a video he had just taken of a female in the store by sliding the phone under her dress," Oklahoma City Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight told The Oke.

Sosa was arrested for violating the state's Peeping Tom laws.

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