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Visiting OKC, Slayer remains a heavy-metal favorite



Something you wouldn't imagine to hear from Tom Araya, lead singer and bassist of thrash-metal giant Slayer: "I live in a small town out in the country close to Dallas now. I got registered cattle and a big ol' barn out back."
"We moved here when my wife got pregnant," Araya said. "She was sick and wanted to be close to her mother. And I just loved it here."
Slayer started rocking the world in the early Eighties, and the Southern California quartet quickly was lumped together with other metal maniacs:
" Metallica,
" Megadeth and
" Anthrax.
"We're the only band from the big four that still has all original members," Araya said. "That makes me proud."
Araya said his band is a team.
"We encourage each other and tell each other when we fucked up," he said. "We don't try to knock each other down. That's why it's worked for so long. This band is our lives " we treat it with respect."
The band is on the road promoting "Christ Illusion," its first album in six years.
"On the road when we are playing so hard night after night, I just have to stay in bed and rest the next day," said Araya. "Being Slayer is hard work." "H. Barry Zimmerman

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