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Viva Obama!



president was handed the wheel of a Titanic, which has been “iceberged”
by Bush’s eight years of deficits, deceit and privilege, including two
wars fought on credit, massive tax reductions for those who needed no
help and debt-funded bailouts of GOP-leaning investment banking firms
and insurance giants whose business practices had caused a meltdown of
the financial and housing markets.

President Obama kept
the USS Titanic from sinking by courageous and politically dangerous
stimulus programs opposed at every turn by the GOP. The president saved
the automobile industry, including the firms which supply and support it
with workers whose jobs are still there, and has slowly moved the
economy forward. He ended the incursion in Iraq, where we expended the
blood of our youth and our treasure for what was probably a family
vendetta with no really identifiable gains for this nation.

president has reduced unemployment and the unemployment taxes of the
working class, which mildly stimulates the economy. He has put forth
programs, opposed by the GOP, which has helped retain and re-employ
teachers, police officers, firefighters and nurses.

Texas governor, who, along with the GOP regulars, disdains federal
stimulus programs, quietly took over $16 billion in such funds one
fiscal year and over $29 billion in such funds the next fiscal year to
meet his state budget requirements and produce the Texas miracle. These
efforts and accomplishments deserve appreciation from the nation benefited by them, even if they do not command respect for the president from people like Mr. Brooks.

Viva Obama!

—Robert D. Allen, Oklahoma City

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