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Credit: Brad Gregg

There were only three dissenting votes, one of them being Sen. James Inhofe, R-Tulsa.

Oklahoma’s senior senator cited Kerry’s support for treaties to reduce nuclear proliferation, his 1985 meeting with then-Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and — of course — Kerry’s support of U.S. action on climate change.

“In this dangerous world filled with nuclear threats from tyrants in North Korea and Iran, Kerry’s lack of ability at times to distinguish between friend and foe is troubling,” Inhofe said.

He also referenced Kerry’s meetings with embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who, in response to popular uprisings in early 2011, began slaughtering protesters, which sparked a bloody civil war.

his statement, Inhofe contended, “As late as 2010, Kerry said of one
meeting that ‘President Assad has been very generous with me in terms of
discussions we have had’ and that Syria was ‘an essential player in
bringing peace and stability to the region.’” Now, we at Chicken-Fried
News are not above cheap shots.

we also enjoy context, and the full context of Kerry’s talks with
al-Assad is this: Kerry met with the Syrian leader several times after
the latter expressed interest in becoming more open with the West. Kerry
urged Syria to stay out of the affairs of Lebanon and do its part to
keep peace between Israel and militant groups such as Hezbollah.

So that settles it, really ... unless Inhofe has some incriminating photos of al-Assad and Kerry windsurfing together.

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