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Volley principle



I meant to fall in with the first volley against J. Simms, probably saying something like, "I'm sure all the reporters and editors are strictly Aryan hetero-conservatives at home; but I don't think any of the reporters or editors are commanding any of the 'offensive' people of the community to do any of the offensive things (including 'writing disturbing letters to
the Gazette.')"

There is a line you might have crossed " the line between "the editor getting a paycheck for reading this stuff" and the readers not getting such a paycheck ... or something (how you grown-ups do with money).

Then again " as another letter in the first volley said " it just goes to show what kind of blind stupidity "the different" among us have to "put up with" or conquer in order to have the same rights that "normals" are naturally given and take for granted!

"Jay Hubbard
Oklahoma City

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