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Don't know if you knew this, but the Los Angeles Lakers were in town a few times recently for something called the NBA Playoffs. The Lakers are a basketball team.

Apparently, our basketball team beat their basketball team, and then their basketball team beat our basketball team. We dunno, we'll have to check into all that.

At CFN, we're more attuned to mentions of food, so when word broke " via TMZ, ESPN, NBC and other media outlets with and without catchy initials " that paired "Lakers guard Derek Fisher" with "Waffle House" and "fight," we paid attention.

Rumors swirled Fisher was involved in a tussle with another man at an OKC-area Waffle House while here, but the player issued a statement that says he's still sweet as syrup.

"I was not involved in any altercation and would have hoped that the media would check their sources and facts before reporting or insinuating that I was in any way violent," he said.

However, Fisher did witness a Waffle House skirmish a year ago, but was not directly involved, he said. Not quite the Battle of Waterloo, but much tastier. Maybe the new Whole Foods will be open the next time Fisher comes to OKC.

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