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Wait for it ...



What could it be? The curiosity served as conversation fodder as CFN intern Bucky pondered the distorted “5320,” on the paperboard coaster underneath his perspiring — ahem — frosty beverage (yes, he’s 21, and then some).

So, imagine his amusement upon learning Feb. 14 that partners like the state Department of Health, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Integris Health and others were behind the branding scheme.

The cryptic message represents this clunky statistic: the number of Oklahomans “that could be saved each year if our state simply met the national average for health measures.”

Sure, something needs to be done. According to campaign website,, Oklahoma ranks 46th nationally for state health indicators.

But doesn’t marketing 101 cover the finer points of suspense tactics? As in, absolutely don’t use them unless you’re certain the reveal is going to garner interest. Anticipation fosters expectation. And a public health campaign — unless sex is somehow involved — likely will fail to live up.

But if the old maxim, “all press is good press” is indeed true, then we’ve got to hand it to the anticlimactic 5320 campaign: You got us. But Bucky predicts that you shouldn’t be looking for an ADDY nomination.

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