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Walk the walk



In fact, OKC fared near the bottom in a ranking poll.

Brad Gregg

So while there’s a whole lot of moving going on around here, the city’s accessibility for people who want to walk remains dismal.

to a recent article in Slate, those ratings directly correlate with
political affiliation. Of the bottom four cities, three chiefly
supported Republican Sen. John McCain in the 2008 presidential election.
The top walkingest cities — the top 19, actually — were in the Barack
Obama camp. Do Democrats like walking more than Republicans do?

not quite that simple. Slate suggests that transition to a walking
culture is especially difficult when a city’s infrastructure has been
built around driving. It also outlines the allure of older,
already-walking cities as a destination to relocate.

existing hotbeds of cultural diversity tend to attract liberal people
who want the ability to walk or use public transportation, as opposed to
using a car for getting around.

So, as OKC continues to grow, will people walk more? Maybe. Will that mean a shift in political views?

What are we, a psychic?

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