Reviewer's grade: A+

Pixar scores again with this funny/sad/exciting animated tale of a lonely robot left behind on a totally trashed-out planet Earth whose job it is to compact the garbage humans left behind and stack it into towers of rubbish. When another robot, sent by humans back to Earth to check for possible plant growth, meets Wall-E, it's love among the automatons. Andrew Stanton, whose last film was "Finding Nemo," brings this sci-fi love story to life with animation that is stunningly good.

More than once I sat in wonder trying to figure out how a particular scene was put together before remembering that it was the animation, stupid. Mostly silent except for music and sound effects, the picture played surprisingly well for even the youngest kids.

Truly, this is a family film for the whole family, and I don't write that very often. If you want to see at least one Oscar-lock this year, this is it. G

"?Doug Bentin


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