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Wanda Sykes: I'ma Be Me



" Let your imagination fill in the verb.

Change becomes a running theme throughout her set, from the roll on her expanding midsection (she's nicknamed it "Esther") to her new role as a mother of twins. Oh, the double whammy of coming out and getting married, which leads to a hilarious recollection of doing a gig on a gay cruise, where she was the only female aboard. Her visual impression of the cruise members at the breakfast buffet is priceless. In between, she works in a laugh-out-loud bit on the Somali pirates.

Sykes is not for young ears or the easily offended, and never has been. As the title suggests, she's uncensored and unapologetic here, which is just how she should be. I've seen several comedy concert discs lately, from Will Ferrell to Jeff Garlin, but this is the funniest since Jim Gaffigan's "King Baby." "?Rod Lott


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