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Wanna be the next Carrie?



Credit: Brad Gregg

Have a high tolerance for criticism?

Thirst for 15 minutes of fame?

OMG, like, you should totally audition to be the next American Idol!

Excitement in Oklahoma City is growing as auditions for the hit show’s 12th season are held this week at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Producer Patrick Lynn said he hopes upwards of 4,000 people turn up.

Per the norm, the audition will lure in young, fresh-faced and bright-eyed musicians, a few of whom might even be able to carry a tune. Panel reviews have gotten a lot less harsh since Simon Cowell left the show, but the most Godawful contestants still manage to draw a few scathing comments.

Idol hopefuls can register for auditions that take place today and Thursday. The real highlight, however, should be Friday’s open auditions, which can include everyone from serious contestants to the next William Hung.

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