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We Are What We Are



From Stake Land director Jim Mickle, this American do-over finds its fever in a religious fervor, with scripture-quoting sourpuss Frank Parker (Bill Sage, Precious) mourning the accidental death of his wife. That tragedy leaves their eldest daughter, Iris (Ambyr Childers, The Master), in the unenviable position of assuming the family duty of … let's just say “putting food on the table” and leave it at that. The less you know, the more interesting We Are will be.

Mood plays as much a pivotal role in the indie horror film as gore; to his credit, Mickle relies more on the former in unsettling his audience. With the Parkers' small town facing storms heavy enough to set off sirens and earn state-of-emergency declarations, generating discomfort from the start is a snap. Mickle hardly stops there.

Look for '80s Top Gun Kelly McGillis in a supporting part, continuing her comeback arguably kick-started by Stake Land and 2011's The Innkeepers. — Rod Lott

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