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We Are What We Are



Father knows best, but when the patriarch pukes up bile on the sidewalk
and dies a most undignified death, that leaves the clan on their own for
food. His two sons man a watch stand at an outdoor flea market to
support the fam, but one of the young men's hotheadedness gets them
kicked out. Now what?

The Spanish-language film
follows their verging-on-comical attempts to
acquire dinner, first from homeless kids, then street hookers, then gay
clubbers. Their desire drives the various siblings and their mother to
extremes, which veer toward the visually horrific. It's kind of like if
"Let the Right One In" stuck to the father figure's efforts to find human
feed. (Speaking of that superlative Swedish film, "We Are" even apes its
iconic setting of the apartment-complex playground.)

It's also similar in that writer/director Jorge Michel Grau's debut
feature is lean, tight and leaves a lasting impression long after the
end credits have faded to black. —Rod Lott

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